The Bat Mitzvah Shop: Un Deux Trois Go-To's

The Bat Mitzvah Shop: Un Deux Trois Go-To's


It's almost her big day. Your party planner has everything under control...EXCEPT THE DRESSES. You're all on the hunt for the perfect outfits and you're searching high and low for anything and everything. You've hit Bloomies, Nordstroms, Saks, and searched every page on Amazon already. Nothing! We hear it constantly, "there's not much out there that she likes or is appropriate for what we need! She's very picky." It's true! We know all about how tough it is out there to find a gorgeous dress or skirt and top that fits her personality or theme. 

We understand the importance of this special day for not only your daughter, but entire family. Friends and family fly in from out of town or country for this weekend, and you want your daughter to look her absolutely best and feel beautiful. Here at Un Deux Trois, we want her to feel that way. We want you ALL to feel that way. From the Friday night service at temple, to the party that night, we have every look that expresses her personality and spotlights HER that weekend! Here are some classics we adore for service and party!