The Bat Mitzvah Dress Shop

The Bat Mitzvah Dress Shop

Looking for the perfect bat mitzvah dress for your daughter? is the right brand for her. From our undeniably large selection of party dresses, service dresses, and two-piece outfits, we carry such a variety of styles and shapes that will make her feel her best, even if she's the pickiest girl out there. 

Did you already walk into Nordstroms and Bloomingdales, and no luck? 

We hear it time and time again how there is is just NO selection of party dresses and special occasion wear for the tween girls at so many of these types of department stores. You would think that these would be the stores that have the biggest selection, the beset variety of brands, and numerous amounts of price points. It's just untrue. You'll reluctantly find the kids/tween department located in the small little corner, next to the mens shoe department where there is one man working the floor and has no time of day to help you find a thing. We know! It will always be the place you go first, in hopes you MAYBE find one thing that at the end of the day, will most likely be be worn for a friends event.

Why is it that you can't find anything that is "special enough"? 

Now a days, many tween companies and department stores feel like the tween/teen market for special occasion wear is a waste of time. They carry it, but not enough of a selection of those super special dresses you can't really find anywhere else. From listening to our customers in store as well as over the phone (out of state customers), they almost hate walking into a department store or searching online, because they know they will leave empty handed--and worst of all, leave with their daughter feeling hopeless and disappointed. 

Now that you've read this post, and that you know that we understand your frustrations, check out all of our amazing dresses for her special weekend. We know how important this day is, how much energy you are putting into your center pieces, how much thought you are putting into the kids party favors, and overall time you are dedicating to making this the best party ever for your little girl. The dress should be your last concern! Shop our selection or gorgeous and appropriate dresses, and we promise-- if you are not happy with what we have for the season, we will make sure we you find something perfect by calling (310) 266-5742 and speak to Cydney! 

Mazel tov on her big day and happy shopping!