The weekend came and went. Piper stood up on the bimah, recited her portion, partied with all her friends and family and looked completely flawless doing it all!

About a year ago, Piper walked into the Un Deux Trois store in hopes of finding the perfect bat mitzvah dress. She tried on outfit after outfit, and finally, after searching high and low, the right dress came along. The Navy Floral Dress. 

She put it on and knew it was going to be the winner. (She even added on some tulle to give it more volume)! 

Needless to say, Piper looked so special on her big day, and executed it all in style at Temple Isaiah

We wanted to share some memories from her day from the temple service to the party. She also had the chance to perform a special song with her dad from the band called The Rescues. Check them out here to hear his incredible music and see how incredible Piper's day was below:




Photos by http://www.janbirch.com/

Thank you to Allison and Piper who shared these gorgeous photos with us! If you had a bat mitzvah and want to share your UDT story with us, please feel free to email: customerservice@udtfashion.com and attach photos.