Big or Small: The Bat Mitzvah Must Go On

by UDT

We've heard it from almost every bat mitzvah girl and mother: "Our bat mitzvah has been postponed, cancelled, or we're just up in the air with our plans." It's been a crazy road with all that has gone on with COVID-19, and the ongoing journey to make sure every bat mitzvah girl still feels special for her day. We've heard of the micro-mitzvahs, smaller gatherings, and zoom mitzvahs throughout the country- It's just such a weird time! 

Although upcoming events are not nearly the same as the usual bat mitzvah, families are still wanting that special time to get dressed up, celebrate and enjoy the moment. At UDT, we've made it our mission to make sure the outfit is just right for her bat mitzvah, whether it's less formal or even more fancy; we just want the girls to feel their best. 

We've curated new collections, and continue to produce new dresses through this period because we know there is no selection out there. We've seen it ourselves! Walking into a Nordstrom or Saks, NOTHING. There is just nothing for the tween market in there. Even more so now, with companies producing overseas like in China, they are unable to get new product into their shops. With the lack of selection, it leaves so many moms and daughters disappointed. 

That's why we're here for you! Check out the selection of party dresses from formal or semi-formal, all perfect for any bat mitzvah girl looking to feel the best she can. Happy shopping, and if you need any guidance or help, reach out to us at (323) 588-1067 and chat with Cydney via phone call or text!