Behind the Scenes with our Team

Behind the Scenes with our Team

We all know there is no "I" in team. Here at Un Deux Trois head quarters, we are proud to have such an amazing group of 9 individuals who work so closely with one another to build towards the bigger picture—Getting the product to you. From our pattern maker and trim buyer, to the cutter, sewers and shipping department, we all have a very important role here at the company. 

We look at ourselves as a family rather than a work group to create the best product we can. 

The ability to communicate and work cohesively is always key to a successful business. We all have gained a confidence to deliver all of our collections with ease and precision as most of us have been with the company for decades.

Since we source our clothing locally here in LA and work face-to-face with our contractors, we feel that we can deliver the best quality product we can due to the strong relationships we have with our team. This to us is key to getting a solid product and to support our friends here in the states.

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