In 1986, two young and very ambitious people arrived in the United States full of great ideas set out to conquer the world. They paid thier dues, worked hard for manufacturers and retailers and eventually went out on their own to start their very own business. These two kids were my husband and I.

When we were pregnant with Cyd (who now is an integral owner of UDT) we started our road to becoming the leading girls 7-16 company selling dresses to the very best retail stores in the US and abroad. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, recessions, retail turmoil and despite all that, we have survived. We’ve had a staff of very loyal employees that we've had the privilege of making sure their kids were given the opportunities to go to college, owned their own homes and were able to take vacations and live the American dream.

Colin and I have worked with no salaries over the years, worked 100 hour a week and I still - at the age of 58, still work 7 days a week and put my employees first. This year, we are now facing our biggest challenge ever - for the very first time am truly scared. I know that with this virus, we have to work together as a community to stop the spread now. That is why we are taking the decision to close the studio city store and only be open for appointments. We appreciate all your support of our small business and hope you understand our employees appreciate your loyalty too.

We need your help: Please shop online. Keep us relevant and around so that we can help you enjoy your next simcha or celebration. We will overcome this virus in time and life will go back to normal. We have to push through. We are here to help you in any way we can! We are isolating ourselves in the hope that social distancing will stop the spread of this virus.

I’m a mom too and know how hard this spring break and possibly even this summer will be; having your kids home with no avenue to let off steam. It’s going to be hard as I know going out for lunch, play dates, movies and day camps were easy solutions for me to keep my girls occupied. I know you don’t have those options right now.

Make an appointment this week. Let the girls have a fun few hours trying on clothes and enjoying being out. In return, we only ask you to support us through this period. Every sale counts. Know that you are keeping us going, paying our rents, staff, contractors that make the beautiful clothing, trim companies and fabric vendors are taken care of. With out them - we are nothing. Know that you are making sure our small business will be there when you need us most in future. We want to make sure your girls look the very best that they can when once our world comes back to normal and we can start enjoying parties, celebrations and school functions again with out worrying we will make each other sick.

We are here for you, and stay safe out there.

- Bev