When I got told today that we have been in business for thirty years, I was quite blown away.

Looking back it’s been quite a wild ride. We have survived numerous recessions and as we try navigate by far our hardest hill of COVID19, it makes me realize that this is all worth fighting for. We’ve seen our competitors fall to the wayside, compete with us on many levels, but we proudly stand today determined to make this just another battle we will fight and win. We’ve opened 7 retail stores, had a New York showroom and a warehouse downtown Los Angeles, opened a very successful e-commerce site, drop ship with many large retailers and that’s all in thirty years! We’ve supplied the very best retailers throughout the world and gone from a junior company to a kids company and even designed the Nicole Miller girls line in that time too. We’ve won awards and lost some too. We’ve made swim suits, lounge wear, awesome jeans, casual fashion tops and bottoms, Underwear, and have the best accessories, shoes and sweaters. We’ve done it all.

Why ?

We keep reinventing ourselves. We keep ourselves relevant. Our competitive nature has driven us to always strive to be the best at what we do. We understand our customer and we cater to her every need. When two piece dressing becomes more relevant than dresses, we change our assortment. When lengths are too short, we increase the lengths because our customers demand it. We change because we listen. We change because we want to be the very best at what we do. Looking through old pictures, ad campaigns and photos of our staff, and old product over the years makes me realize that we could bring many of those styles back , because they are timeless and beautiful. But most of all I realize the message hasn’t changed. We always wanted to be the best at what we do. 

We dressed them all:

We’ve dressed many young starlets, from Lindsay Lohan at her first premier red carpet, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen when they started their careers, Bella Thorne at her first red carpet when no one had ever heard of her, Bailey Madison as a child star missing her front teeth and now a wonderful actress and producer. We dressed Modern Families gorgeous Ariel Winter, when she went on her audition for the part, Victoria justice has graced us with a meet and greet, Peyton List when she was so little and cute and the list goes on and on. Now every tween influencer has graced our store or worked with us. From Kaylyn Slevin, Jordyn Jones, Storm Reid, JoJo and her bows, Piper Rockelle, Sophie Fergi, Jenna Davis and almost every major name in the industry today, has been dressed by us. 


What we do for our community:

Let’s not forget every girl that has needed a fabulous dress! We love taking care of those very special occasions that come up in a girls life! A couple months ago at one of our fashion shows, we met a beautiful young girl whose mom had walked the runway at one of our fashion shows many years ago. Can you believe that! I reminisced with her grandmother as we all proudly watched a new group of girls gain confidence strutting the runway. 

We try to encourage girls to stop bullying, we’ve raised money for Haiti, Boston bombing and the list goes on. We have supported many causes through the decades including donating masks to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and continue to give back to our community. I met a mom the other who said, “We need you around! Where else would we shop? My daughter loves coming in because you make her feel so good and make her look so good!" I can honestly say we have never allowed anyone to walk out of our store not looking their best for their events. I once had a customer many years ago in Beverly Hills, buying a sweater that she could hardly afford whilst a star was shopping up a storm. She turned around and said, “You gave me the same attention for my small purchase as you did with her. Thank you.“

Here's to you:

With that said, I want to thank you all. Past and present shoppers. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and hopefully best memories for 30 years. Thank you to all my staff who have been around for the last 30 years making my life so much easier. Thank you to all the young girls who have spent countless hours trying on dresses, inspiring me to design an even better range every season. You keep me young and as I pass the baton on to my daughter, Cydney, whose passion for fashion, design, and becoming an even better UDT by Un Deux Trois for the future with the confidence and knowledge that we have to make it through, we have to survive and with your help we will. This weekend we are extending a 20% discount on all product sold on line and in store in lieu of 30 wonderful years in business.

With love and gratitude,

Happy shopping!

Bev xo