2020 and Beyond

2020 and Beyond

Most of us wish we could have a do over for 2020 or even just forget the year existed. I would like to put 2020 in the past, but when I look at how hard it was to navigate, I find that when we came out on the other side, 2020 was in fact a defining year in retail and wholesale for us. Yes, it was tough and had to make many sacrifices, but as. company, we are much more focused and stronger. We are more resilient than we were before COVID-19.

With the shock in early March with lockdowns and crazy rules, we all had to navigate with the stay at home orders. I feel like it allowed me to stop, breathe and take control of where I was in the moment. I was able to reevaluate myself, my company, and how I was going to handle the next step with a clear mind. How to operate in a new frame of mind.

2020 made me change how I will do business in the future and allowed me to make changes that I had always been putting off. The idea of fast fashion is over. These big corporations creating too many styles at hundred at a time is done.

Now, a curated selection of beautiful dresses will grace the pages all over our website this year. Thoughtful, limited edition pieces are the way of the future of special occasion-wear. We will listen to our customers needs this year even more. Our quality and standards we expect are higher than ever before and the speed at which we get your order out is our priority.

It’s a brand new focus as we see more and more online shoppers reaching out to us on various platforms where we showcase well selected product. We look forward to 2021 with the anticipation that soon, we will be celebrating again. Throw those sweatpants off and once again look forward to travel, celebrations and the opening of our economy. We, at UDT, are ready to fulfill all your needs when buying that special outfit. We're here for you more than ever!