Un Deux Trois was founded by Colin and Beverly Shorkend after emigrating to the USA in 1986 from South Africa. They saw a void in girls’ special occasion wear, specifically the 7-16 size range, prompted the two young and creative partners to start their own girls’ wholesale business in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles.

The first collection was an instant success and buyers stood in lines patiently to write orders with the new and exciting clothing line. Un Deux Trois officially launched their 7-16 girls' clothing line in the fall of 1992. They later opened their very own retail store in the spring of 2002 in Studio City, California. Currently, there are 4 UDT locations in California and Texas as well as their wholesale division distributing to specialty stores and department stores worldwide such as Nordstroms and Saks. 

Their mission is to build a lifestyle brand to satisfy their customers with age appropriate clothing that they can lose themselves in the experience at our one-stop-shop and online. At UDT, they believe in developing a sense of style at a young age that can define personality and self-esteem.
Their boutique marketplace consists of apparel, accessories and shoes that cater to the girl that wants to look her best and confidently know that at wherever age she is, her style is on point.